AWS Consulting

We offer a diverse range of Amazon Web Services Consulting Services to cater to your needs and goals

AWS Cloud Migrations

Expert AWS Consulting for Seamless Workload Migration & Business Growth
We specialize in migrating any workload – websites, applications, databases, storage, physical or virtual servers, and entire data centers – to AWS. With 3 Tech Consultants’ years of experience, we guide you at every step, helping build your organizational, operational, and technical capabilities for accelerated business benefits and growth.

Decoupling Applications into Microservices Architecture

Expert AWS Consulting for Decoupling Legacy Workloads & Cost-Efficient Microservices Architecture
We guide your development team to decouple legacy workloads, ensuring cost-efficiency, high availability, and redundancy in your microservices architecture. Leverage cloud computing’s power and focus on your core business with our expert assistance.


Docker Containers

Expert AWS Consulting for Docker Containerization & CI/CD Integration
We specialize in building Docker containers and training your development team to seamlessly integrate them into CI/CD pipelines. Our support extends to teaching your developers how to run Docker containers on MacOS, Linux, and Windows, while effectively utilizing development tools like Git and Visual Studio Code alongside Amazon AWS CI/CD services. Unlock the true potential of containerization and streamline your development workflow with our expert guidance.

AWS Cost Optimization

Discover Significant Savings with Expert AWS Consulting for IT Costs

Still running your IT workloads on premise? You might be spending* 33% more on IT costs compared to the Cloud. Already on the Cloud but your infrastructure engineers are not AWS certified? You might be overspending 50% to 100% more than necessary.

Our AWS certified engineers will help you lower your IT Capital Expenditures and Operational Expenditures. Contact us for a free no-obligation assessment.

*Based on our own experience.


AWS Well-Architected

Expert AWS Consulting for best practices in the cloud with Certified Engineers
Our AWS Certified engineers will analyze and review your applications and infrastructure, identifying high-risk issues, potential cost-savings, and overall AWS account usage. We ensure best practices across the 6 domains of the AWS Well-Architected framework: operational excellence, security, reliability, performance efficiency, cost optimization, and sustainability. Unlock the full potential of your AWS environment with our expert guidance.